& Other Stories / Regent Street

££ · Women
Clothing Concept

Proudly located in London’s iconic shopping paradise of Regent Street, H&M’s arty sister brand & Other Stories presents an innovative and creative shopping concept for trend setters not followers, who want to discover a unique style through the craft of story building. If you love Zara, then you will adore & Other Stories’ sophisticated, streamlined, high fashion aesthetic.

This directional Scandinavian brand will appeal to women of all ages who appreciate unusual design, have and strong creative flair and love to experiment with shape, colour and texture.

Explore & Other Stories inspirational, exciting displays of carefully edited fashion photography, polaroid’s and postcards, oversized mood-boards and expert styling tips for a truly special, crafted purchase.

WeLikeShopping Tip: & Other Stories atelier style shopping studio is a must see for all aspiring fashion designers and serious fashion junkies. Try & Other Stories’ beautiful make up & skincare department presented like a cool contemporary laboratory.


10/10 based on 3 customer reviews

Rosa Takalampi
Occasional Shopper
I love this store! You really feel like you are buying into a lifestyle, rather than buying clothes when you shop at & Other Stories. I love how everything is laid out like some kind of cool artist's or fashion designer's studio. It's like stepping into a film set, but everything is for sale. Each section is split into different 'stories' and it's all so eye catching. I want to buy everything whenever I come in here!
Emi Collard
Occasional Shopper
I really like the beauty section of & Other Stories. The fashion is a little bit out of my price range, but I can happily pick up a new nail polish here without breaking the budget, and it's a lovely store to browse and enjoy!
Brandon Daley
Occasional Shopper
Shopping with my wife is never something I usually enjoy, but this store almost makes me find pleasure in it. It's clean, bright and well laid out. All the products are well designed and good quality, and the staff are very charming. There are worse places to follow your wife around, carrying bags!

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