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Ulanka is a popular spanish footwear and accessories retailer for the style savvy senor and senorita. This Mediterranean style boutique with its bright, rustic interior styled like a summer apartment is the first in London. Distressed quality leathers, natural furs, golden aged rivets and Aztec stitching in contrast colours are all features synonymous with Ulanka’s core Coolway range. Ulanka feels like a typical friendly and authentic quality spanish footwear boutique that you discover on holiday by surprise. Its localised, artisan feel is emphasised by its earthly interior.

Ulanka is the destination for bohemian inspired footwear and bags where all ‘Your Dreams Come Shoe’. Find comfy shoes designed for the inner traveller in you, from brands such as Musee Cloud, Vans, Fred Perry, Dr Martens and Blue Monkey.

It costs around £55 for a pair of Ulanka’s heels from their dressier label Sissei and £30 for a leather pair of sandals in a metallic finish.

WeLikeShopping Tip: Take the Route Coolway to discover gorgeous leather footwear that is practical with a unique, bohemian touch.


6.0/10 based on 5 customer reviews

Shou Ito
Occasional Shopper
I thought that this was going to be a luxury boutique as it looks very nice from the shop window. However it does not sell designer footwear and carries what I would call street style shoes. A nice shop, but just not what I am looking for.
Diamid O'Leary
Occasional Shopper
This is a very pleasant store - I like how the shoes are laid out as it's really easy to find what you're looking for and see the style of the shoe. I didn't actually buy any footwear while I was here but I did pick up a Converse bag which was 12% off, so I was very pleased with that!
Sun Yu
Occasional Shopper
This shop looks like it's going to stock a lot of independent footwear designers, because it has such a unique look and style. Unfortunately the style of the store doesn't relate to the shoes and most of the brands here are very mainstream.
Andis Tabaks
Occasional Shopper
I usually hate shopping for new shoes with a passion. Shoe shopping makes me think of sweaty feet, crowded stores, screaming kids... hell on earth basically! Ulanka is calm, chilled out and a great place to find a new pair of shoes. The staff are very polite and charming, and the store is well laid out so that you aren't tripping over piles of trainers trying to find a seat. I got a pair of Vans here and I'll be coming track to shop for shoes at Ulanka next time I need footwear.
Tara Ross
Occasional Shopper
This is a very nice looking store which really evokes that 'vacationing in the Med' feel. It's light and airy, and the displays really draw you in. The shoes themselves aren't anything particularly special - they have well known brands that you can find pretty much anywhere, like Converse and Birkenstock - but the store is much more civilised and relaxed than most footwear stores which makes it a more pleasant place to be.

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