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Pandora is an intimate boutique in the heart of London’s bustling Oxford Circus showcasing a variety of hand finished women’s sterling silver and gold plated jewellery, to express your personality and celebrate life’s unforgettable moments.

Pandora jewellery is all about crafting beautiful personalised stories by combining different themed charms and finishes. Pandora’s charm lies in its broad customer appeal, as you can spend as little or as much as you like depending on how you choose to create, combine and experiment with the different symbols, designs and meanings of the jewellery. Pandora is the place to go for timeless, sentimental rings that can be stacked and worn in an eclectic fashion.

Along with staff expertise, you can test the rings on your hand from the open ring trays, to create your ideal signature look. A simple ring costs around £35, with more elaborate designs at £150.

WeLikeShopping Tip: Pandora is the perfect gift destination as it allows you to create elegant, sentimental pieces of jewellery that can be personalised, cherished for ever and shared with friends and loved ones.


4.0/10 based on 5 customer reviews

Pablo Moreno
Occasional Shopper
I'm not averse to wearing jewellery as a man, and was hoping to find a new leather bracelet to wear during my time in London. However, Pandora UK only caters to women, and there was nothing here but women's jewellery and watches. It's a nice looking store, but no good if you're a guy.
Laura Hope
Occasional Shopper
I love collecting Pandora beads and try to buy them to mark special occasions as a little souvenir. When my husband surprised me with a trip to London for our 10th wedding anniversary I knew I wanted to get a new charm for my favourite Pandora bracelet.

I thought that if there was going to be a Pandora shop anywhere in London it would be on Oxford Street, so I was over the moon when we got off the tube at Oxford Circus and saw there was a shop right there! My mood only improved when we stepped inside and saw there was a Pandora sale happening, which meant I got two charms instead of one.

Unfortunately it was very busy and it took quite a long time to get served which dampened the mood slightly, but it was worth it to get such a good discount on the jewellery.
Rick White
Occasional Shopper
My wife loves Pandora jewellery and whenever I am travelling without her I try to buy a new charm or bead for her bracelets. After once making the mistake of not getting a knock-off charm and watching it fall apart, I always make sure to get the official Pandora jewellery now!

This store is great - it's right in the middle of Oxford Street so it's really easy to get to and find, the staff are all really helpful and always help me pick out something my partner will like, and I'm in the good books when I get home! If you're also looking for a gift and don't know where to start then definitely ask for help - I always find the customer service is excellent in Pandora's UK shops, they really can't do more for you.
Luca Fink
Occasional Shopper
This is a nice shop but it's not really for me. I sometimes come in here with my Mum when we are in shopping London together but I'm really not interested in jewellery or Pandora charms. My Mum likes it here though and always ends up buying more Pandora beads for her bracelets.
Gemma Martin
Occasional Shopper
Whenever I come to London I always go shopping on Oxford Street and this Pandora branch is well located, in Oxford Circus. The only problem is that the store doesn't stock the full Pandora range. There is another, much bigger Pandora ten minutes further down Oxford Street which is Pandora's flagship store and stocks the full jewellery collection. I much prefer to go there as it's bigger and has more choice, however I am often closer to Oxford Circus so this branch wins for convenience.

If you want to see the full collection of bracelets and charms then my suggestion is to walk down to the flagship and shop there instead.

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