Kingdom of Sweets / Oxford Street

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This enchanting candy cave set modestly in London’s Oxford Street East is a fantasy land for the ultimate sweet tooth and candy fiend. Kingdom Of Sweets UK's biggest sweet store and is the is the authority in confectionary retail and stocks popular, retro, iconic, classic, global and rare confectionary brands with a focus on American candies such as Hershey’s, Reeses and Pez.

Enticed by rows of temptation from the endless pic and mix counter, it is hard to resist temptation in this animated and fragrant sugary store of rainbow colours and eye-catching packaging.

A gift size packet of Neapolitan Fudge costs 3.99 and 11.99 for a box of Sweet Shop Favourites.

WeLikeShopping Tip: Kingdom Of Sweet’s unrivalled retro sweet collection is the perfect gift idea to bring back memories of old school sweet shop magic.


10/10 based on 4 customer reviews

Andis Tabaks
Occasional Shopper
Kingdom of Sweets on Oxford Street is a must visit for anyone with a sweet tooth like me! They sell a huge range of sweets and candies, some of which you rarely see in normal stores. My favourite is the range of retro sweets, where I can pick up hard sweets like pear drops and sherbet fruits.
Kay Duduyemi
Occasional Shopper
I'm not much of a sugar fan and try to stay away from it, however I frequently have guests from overseas come and stay with me and one request is that they'd like to buy some sweets or candy as a souvenir or for gifts for friends and family. I always bring them here. It's good value for money and there's a big selection of products whether you like hard boiled sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, chews and gummies, or even baking ingredients like pancake mix. It's a lot of fun and my guests always leave this store smiling from ear to ear!
Brandon Daley
Occasional Shopper
I occasionally bring my children here as a treat if they've done well at school or have been well behaved... or if they need bribing on a long shopping trip with myself and their mother! They love coming here and picking out some nice sweets, and I have to admit that I love it too. They can get popping candy and bubble gum, I can get some nougat or truffles, and my wife always gets baking products. It's a brilliant shop full of friendly, chatty staff. A real pleasure to visit and shop here.
Jose Ramos
Occasional Shopper
I love the american candy that Kingdom of Sweets sells. I have visited America a lot in my teens and I really miss the sweets. It's great that there is a shop in London where I can buy Hersheys, Jolly Ranchers, Reeses and flavoured M&Ms!

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