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Situated grandly in Oxford Street’s bustling shopping district, HMV is the home of entertainment and is the perfect excuse for men looking for a curious & enjoyable retreat whilst shopping. This iconic flagship store has a distinctive retro feel and maintains the His Masters Voice original branding.

HMV encourages customers to discover music the traditional way and make spontaneous purchases by exploring the vinyl record collectables floor with an unquestionably authentic rock and roll feel and become the ultimate groupie by shopping your favourite band t- shirts and posters. Shop the latest in Headphone technology from HMV’s dedicated speaker section from brand such as Skull Candy, Beats by Dr Dre and Urban Ears.

Pick up a must have film that all the family can enjoy at special offers starting from £2.99.

WeLikeShopping Tip: HMV Oxford Street is the go to place for music enthusiasts and film buffs who want to discover great commercial talent and delve deep into the past.


6.7/10 based on 6 customer reviews

Kevin Hoppel
Occasional Shopper
This store isn't anywhere near as nice as the previous location of HMV on Oxford Street but I like it none the less. I've shopped at HMV for a long time but like most people ended up buying music online over the last few years. However, since HMV ran into trouble and many people lost their jobs I now try to buy my entertainment products in store whenever I can as I want to support the high street businesses which are struggling.

This HMV has a decent selection of DVDs, CDs, BluRays and games as well as funky accessories for younger customers, like posters and tees. I enjoy browsing through the stock and finding new albums to add to my collection, but I avoid coming at peak times as it does get busy and quite crowded which ruins the experience a bit.
Santiago Garcia
Occasional Shopper
There's nothing special about this HMV. The older store was so much better. This one has been badly executed and it feels like no thought went into planning where the products would be placed. It's hard to find music genres other than chart and I almost always end up having to ask where things are. That said, the staff are generally helpful despite the occasional moody teenage sales assistant.
Reagan Clare
Occasional Shopper
It's great to stumble across a HMV. This store on oxford street offers a massive selection and is fun to browse. The store assistants are helpful and knowledgable.
Chen Wu
Occasional Shopper
I spend nearly all my pocket money on PS4 games, music and BluRays so I like this HMV on Oxford Street a lot. I can happily spend hours in here as there is so much to look at and they have a good selection. There are always multi-buy offers on so you can get good deals, particularly on DVDs. I come in here just to have a look around when I'm on Oxford Street, and I never fail to leave with a few new albums to listen to.
Isaac Valdez
Occasional Shopper
Last time I was in London HMV was in a different location which was much bigger and better. I don't like this store as much, there aren't as many CDs and DVDs. It's a shame they had to move their Oxford Street store as it was great previously.
Abigail Joly
Occasional Shopper
I don't really like HMV in general as I feel like you can get cheaper CDs online now, but I came in here with friends and I thought it was pretty good. They sell a lot of cool t-shirts and accessories like mugs in this HMV, not just music and entertainment. It does get really busy though and I'm not good with crowds, so I wouldn't come at a weekend if you don't like crowded shops.

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