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Set in Covent Garden’s famous Seven Dials shopping hotspot, Screenface is London's make-up mecca and Europe's premier supplier of professional make-up for customers requiring something extra special. Boasting a portfolio of unrivalled professional make up artist experience and trade secrets, Screenface London is an Aladdin’s cave for make up lovers with every conceivable shade of make-up, special effects, brushes, bags, postiche and prosthetic skin enhancers available at your fingertips. Screenface are specialists in stage make up and special effects make up for film and costume selling the best in make up technology from around the world from leading brands such as Illamasqua, Pawpaw and Kryolan.

Screenface products have been used in films for over 25 years, from Indiana Jones and Monty Python through to Harry Potter, Apocalypto, Blood Diamond and Prince of Persia. West End productions including The Lion King and London Fashion Week also use Screenface products.

WeLikeShopping Tip: Check out Screenface’s amazing range of professional skin prosthetics, bloody marvellous wound fillers, congealed blood and spooky coloured contact lenses for a Happy Halloween and collection of festival ready face lace tattoos and skin illustrator liquids.


5.0/10 based on 4 customer reviews

Rachel Moore
Occasional Shopper
Whenever I am in London I make sure I come to Screen Face and spend some of my pocket money! I want to be a makeup artist when I leave school, so I love looking at all the professional makeup and accessories that Screen Face stocks. The false eyelashes are my favourite because you can get some really long ones in really bold shapes! The products are made to be used on stage and screen so they're very over the top and not really for daily wear, but they are a lot of fun to play around with and great for fancy dress parties.
Chris Zao
Occasional Shopper
I love Screen Face for one reason alone. They stock Dr Paw Paw, which is a skin balm that I love but is very hard to get hold of in the UK. This skin balm is the only thing that stops my lips cracking in the winter, and I couldn't be without it. Every autumn I visit Screen Face and stock up on many tubes in case they sell out. I am so thankful that they sell it!
Timon Floden
Occasional Shopper
As a guy, I'm not really into makeup! I was always dragged in here by my ex-girlfriend and she could spend hours looking at all the makeup. Granted, they have some pretty cool colours from the looks of it, but I'd rather be in HMV than a makeup shop.
Patricia Noble
Occasional Shopper
I had heard that this was a very good makeup and cosmetics store in London, and they certainly stock many products. However, it is really for pro makeup artists who need strong makeup for photoshoots and stage productions, than for the average woman walking down the street. Most of the makeup is heavy and unflattering, particularly on anyone past their twenties (like me!). I wouldn't return, but imagine it would be wonderful for a makeup artist looking to update their kit.

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