The Great Frog / Carnaby Street

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Set on the backstreets of London’s famous Carnaby Street, The Great Frog is an independent designer jewellery shop full of the weird and the wonderful. This legendary boutique is home to the notorious Great Frog Skull Rings admired by celebrities and the original punk rockers of the 1970s. The Great Frog are an established retailer of antique style, handcrafted rock and roll jewellery featuring silver skeleton pendants, skull and roses bracelets, engraved eye rings and eagle cuffs.

Explore The Great Frogs wizardry in this captivating store of classic grunge iconography and unique spellbinding designs amongst a hypnotic mix of eerie bell jars, antique candlesticks, skulls and crosses. The Great Frog are no strangers in creating bespoke jewellery for rock and roll legends such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith and Motorhead. The Great Frog also counts Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and The Beatles as part of its niche clientele base.

A Great Frog Star Eyed Skull Ring costs £150 and a Bird Skull Pendant £175.

WeLikeShoppingTip: Visit the hallows of The Great Frog to discover ‘rock and roll couture’, all individually handmade in the store’s elusive basement, to add a statement vintage fashion edge to your jewellery box.


7.5/10 based on 4 customer reviews

Kabir Buzdar
Occasional Shopper
I wanted to get some jewellery for my wife and heard this was a famous London jewellery shop. It's not what I was looking for. Everything here is very masculine and chunky; nothing like something my wife would want to wear.
Jazmin Sipos
Occasional Shopper
While most people go to The Great Frog for the rings, I personally love the pendants. The rings are a bit too thick and heavy for me, but the necklaces are much more to my taste. I like to treat myself to a new one now and again because there are always a number of pendant designs that I have my eye on.
Chris Zao
Occasional Shopper
The Great Frog is something of a London institution - it's a very cool jewellery shop for men and women. The rings are the high point as the designs are very rock and roll. There's an alternative, edgy, slightly gothic twist so you can expect lots of skulls and things like wolf heads. For a really different but beautifully made piece of jewellery, you need to visit The Great Frog!
Symon Gura
Occasional Shopper
I love the style of the jewellery at The Great Frog. It's very male friendly. All the jewellery has a cool, biker style to it. There are a lot of skull designs, animals like wolves and eagles, as well as spiders and playing cards. It's quite pricey but not overly expensive and for the quality it seems a decent price point.

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