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Located in Carnaby’s quaint Newburgh Quarter of delightful independents, Joy Everley is a gorgeous boutique of vintage inspired, handmade fine costume jewellery. Joy Everley is a British designer and skilfully crafts and designs all her spellbinding rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms on site in this friendly and captivating antique shop. Joy Everley attracts fashionistas, celebrities and stylish women throughout the world, and is frequently featured in top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and InStyle and is the go to brand for fashion stylists looking to add a quirky flair to their fashion stories.

Joy Everley’s designs take inspiration from Britain’s enchanting woodlands featuring cute charms and layered chains of exquisitely detailed miniature animals and precious creations of gold spiders and delicate beetles with diamonds and colour rich gemstones in a contemporary, innovative mix of silvers and golds.

A Joy Everley Solid Silver Alice In Wonderland Charm Bracelet costs £495 and a Sterling Silver Mouse Locket Necklace costs £59.

WeLikeShopping Tip: Visit Joy Everley for a personal consultation to co- design your perfect bespoke wedding or engagement ring for a stunning quirky alternative to a classic engagement band.


6.7/10 based on 6 customer reviews

Bridget Doyle
Occasional Shopper
I haven't actually bought anything here yet but I just wanted to write a review because I think that the staff are so charming and sweet. They love the jewellery they sell just as much as their customers, and you can tell they are very passionate about their business. You can tell it's family run as you just don't get that kind of passion in chain stores.
Catherine Poust
Occasional Shopper
I bought a beetle ring from Joy Everley and I love it. It's so unique and fits perfectly. Have had loads of compliments on it. The service was amazing too, really friendly staff and they made a huge effort to help me choose out something special. Will definitely return.
John Harvey
Occasional Shopper
All the jewellery here is very modern and unusual. If you want something different you might like it here, but I was looking for something classical and timeless for my wife.
Luca Donati
Occasional Shopper
My partner and I bought our wedding rings here and the service was excellent, however when we got home we noticed that one of the rings was badly scratched. Unfortunately the service was nowhere near as nice when we returned to complain - the staff were rude and pushy. It was dreadful and incredibly disappointing.
Janna Konik
Occasional Shopper
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this jewellery shop offers products at all price points, so there really is something for everyone here. I was really happy to be able to afford some stud earrings shaped like stars - they were less than £30 and look so special and expensive!
Steve Jones
Occasional Shopper
I wanted to buy my girlfriend some jewellery for her birthday but was at a complete loss as to where to go and what to buy! I walked past this store near Carnaby Street and thought it looked like the type of place my other half would shop, so I went in.

The staff were absolutely wonderful and helped me so much. They guided me through my options and they understood that I didn't have a huge amount to spend. I was relieved to see they had some less expensive, more affordable pieces of jewellery. It's very quirky in here and the designs are all so creative. I think my girlfriend is really going to love her gift!

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