WeLikeShopping is your very personal shopping discovery guide, ready at your fingertips to uncover London stores near you: from exclusive boutiques, hidden concept stores, emerging popups to cult high-street names. WeLikeShopping strives to provide the truly complete guide to authentic street shopping in London and soon in other cities.

Explore Shopping Areas

Famous for its creative energy and diversity, London’s variety of shops from quirky boutiques to luxury flagships, will excite any shopper from tourists to devoted fashionistas. 

Search the best places to shop by choosing between different shopping destinations, such as trendsetting Shoreditch or Royal Regent Street’s legendary ‘mile of style’, to discover stores that will excite, inspire and surprise you.  

If you wish to explore the shopping area in your immediate location select ‘Near Me’ to discover a treasure trove of stores within 10-15 min walking distance.

Discover Different Stores

Every area offers a unique shopping experience featuring a range of different stores. Head to London’s heart of entertainment, arts and culture in the West End for luxury heritage boutiques, familiar high street names and international superstores, or investigate an eclectic mix of quirky boutiques and charming independents in London’s famous Kings Road, stylish Notting Hill and trendy Shoreditch. 

Explore WeLikeShopping’s comprehensive gallery presenting hundreds of stores to receive exclusive shopping tips and get a better understanding of the store’s creative direction, product mix, price range and personality.

Use WeLikeShopping’s Map feature to accurately view store locations and plan your shopping adventures.

Valuable Sort function will help you edit the list of stores in your chosen area according to your desired preferences, creating a truly personalized shopping guide.

Browse Stores Through

All stores offer a unique sensation, from stunning artistry and beautiful British craftsmanship at Burberry to must have fashion essentials at Primark’s bargain bonanza, browse WeLikeShopping’s virtual shop windows to be inspired by every store’s unique ranges. 

Gain a thorough understanding of each store’s purpose and style philosophy by exploring detailed information about each store such as descriptions, opening hours, insider’s knowledge and an inclusive list of all brands and product categories the store sells, to help you create your bespoke shopping list of ultimate retail therapy. 

Learn from WeLikeShopping’s prized community of fellow shoppers and read each store’s customer reviews to discover additional shopping tips, advice and other helpful information.

Get Quick Directions

Boasting one and a half miles of flagship, international and landmark stores on Europe’s busiest shopping destination of Oxford Street and a maze of quirky boutiques and hidden designer dens in avant-garde Shoreditch, London is a paradise of street shopping waiting to be discovered. 

With the most accurate store locations, craft precise shopping adventures in one of the world’s design and style capitals that will get you directly to the door of your desired store.

For more elaborate journey information, combine your WeLikeShopping search with Citymapper to learn how to get to the store by bus, tube, bike or on foot.

Search by Store, Brand or Category

With London's mecca of exciting shopping hot spots and impressive portfolio of both well known and off the radar stores, there is a whole host of both globally adored and unknown innovative brands specialising in thousands of product types ready to become your favourite style haunts. 

Use WeLikeShopping's advanced search tool to help find you anything you need, from a specific store, favourite brand or desired product category.

Share Your Experience

Shopping is an altogther emotional, entertaining, interactive and cultural experience. For some it is quite simply a means to an end relying on fantastic customer service and thoughtful store design in order to make the process as slick and hassle free as possible. 

Help build a community of expert like-minded shoppers and share you personal store experience, either positive or negative, to provide further details, reviews, style inspiration and 'insiders' shopping tips.

Save Your Favourite Stores

Amidst the buzz of London’s seductive shopping haven, it is easy to loose yourself within London’s irresistible charm. There are an endless amount of stores to memorize as part of your shopping quests, some you remember because they are your regular retreats, some because they are close to your home or set conveniently to your office, but some stores will only be evoked as you explore on foot. 

Discover as many stores as you wish with the WeLikeShopping app and save the ones you would love to visit, including both familiar and undiscovered stores, into one dedicated ‘Favourite Stores’ list available to access in an instant while you are on the go.

Create Your Shopping List

How many times have you seen something you were desperate to buy, either in store, on your friend or whilst browsing the internet? There are so many things you might want or need to buy but always forget in the long run up to payday. What about the unusual gift you saw months ago that would have been perfect for your friends or family’s birthday?

Create your very own style bible and personal shopping list on the WeLikeShopping app to collate a diary of anything you need or want to buy from fashion to home interiors. Attach images, add notes and even set up reminders so you never miss a special occasion.

Enhance Your Shopper Status

Shopping is the ultimate form of emotional therapy, source of feel good inspiration and confidence boosting energy. At WeLikeShopping, shopping is always a pleasure and it is our mission to make your store adventures even more fun. 

Join our mantra ‘Don’t drop, just shop!” and gain your shopping status.  The more active you are on WeLikeShopping, writing store reviews and sharing the app amongst your friends the more celebrated your shopper status will be. 

Become a King or Queen of Shopping and broadcast your WeLikeShopping certified level of expertise and shopping authority to inspire a community of switched on shoppers.

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